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01.MetaGauge Game Fi

Let us introduce three main mining modes of MetaGauge

RP(ROD Point) Mode

What is RP Mode? : RP Mode is a system that mines RP (ROD POINT) by comprehensively measuring mobility data and movement data according to exercise mode while the user is logged into the Dapp. RP Mode can be mined in two ways.
Mobility Mode is operated as an auto-start auto-shutdown. The DApp automatically recognizes the user's movement data speed (15KM/H or more) through the device and executes the Mobility Mode. Upon arrival at the destination, if the speed is below the condition and there is no movement, the MetaGauge DApp will end driving and enter standby mode. Your daily mining limit will increase based on your MetaGauge account level.
MetaGauge DApps have the following mining parameters inherent in them, depending on the user's conditions. (Mining may fluctuate depending on the environment of the ecosystem) Walking Mode is a mode that allows users to mine RP through exercise such as walking and running in the DApp.
Walking Mode can be started by pressing the Start button on the DApp's main screen. Regardless of your MetaGauge account level, you can only mine up to 10RP per day in Walking Mode. You can definitely mine 2.0RP per 1KM.

Factors that affect RP Mode

Movement mode on a Save Mode means a mobile data below 30 Km per hour. Mining capacity per day for mobile data exceeding 30 Km per hour can be limited.
  • Distance
  • Speed (coming soon. No impact on RP mining at this time
  • NFT stats (generating capacity)
  • Fuel (0% fuel drops to 20% mining power)
  • Driving variable data (variable data for hard launches, hard accelerations, hard stops, etc. Coming soon)

MP(MGR Point) Mode

What is MP Mode? : Users can increase their NFT level by combining the NFT PARTS they have acquired. MP mining is available from NFT level 20. The daily MP mining limit varies depending on the NFT level. MP is exchanged 1:1 for MGR TOKEN, the MetaGauge governance token (excluding some fees). To enjoy MP Mode, users need to understand three things.

Conditions for achieving MP Mode

  • Open Boxes obtained through missions to obtain ITEMs
  • Swap the earned RP for ROD and use the ROD to mine the ITEM into NFTs.
  • Equip NFT PARTS to reach NFT LEVEL 20
  • Once you reach NFT LEVEL 20, you can enjoy both RP Mode and MP Mode.

MP daily mining limit based on NFT LEVEL

Share Mode (Coming soon...)

Share Mode is a service that matches immediate users’ shipping goods to similar destinations by sharing one’s destination with another MetaGauge D App user. Users can contribute to environmental protection by reducing their carbon footprint by sharing other users’ delivery in a similar direction. They can turn reduced carbon footprints into credits in reward for more utility mining and mining for governance tokens.
Besides, share Mode users are KYC authenticators. They have air drops by receiving Santa NFTs, which are given to the top governance members. They are at the top ranks among MetaGauge boarding power levels. In brief, Share Mode is an authenticator Mode that can have a higher mining power by sharing information data on the destination and participating in P2P delivery.
After sharing information on the destination, users can record driving records. At the same time, MetaGauge D App keeps records of driving distance, time, and speeds, automatically creating items on a daily driving note. Users on a Share mode can have much more utility token rewards than those not designating departing points and destinations even if they move the same distance..
By typing in departure points and destinations and sharing the information, users must go through the KYC authentication process to participate in P2P shipment. Authenticated users can get additional airdrops with MetaGauge Santa authentication NFTs. Santa authenticators can be automatically given membership discounts when using MetaGauge NFT markets. Santa authenticated users can have the highest boarding powers as governance contributors to the MetaGauge ecosystem. Share Mode is going to be a fundamental business model for MetaGauge. More details on Share mode will be announced later.