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Token nomics

Metagauge Point

When using Metagauge DApp, users receive RP and MP compensation by generating mobility data. The RP and MP are swapped 1:1 with the utility token ROD and the governance token MGR, respectively.
  • RP: It stands for ROD POINT, which is a point that is compensated when generating metagauge mobility and exercise data. 1:1 swapped (minting) with metagauge ROD TOKEN. At least 600 RPs are swapped to ROD TOKEN.
  • MP : MGR POINT stands for MGR POINT and the daily mining amount is set according to the Metagauge NFT LEVEL standard. 1:1 swapped (minting) with metagauge MGR TOKEN.
  • RPM: RPM stands for ROD POINT METAGAUGE and is a cashable point. Users can mine RPM and exchange them for vouchers and giftcards.

Metagauge TOKEN

ROD : Metagauge Utility TOKEN ROD(ROD)

ROD TOKEN is an unlimited number of TOKENs. It is mined when users use RP MODE in Metagauge DApp.

MGR : Metagauge Governance TOKEN MGR(META GAUGE EARN)

The issue amount of MGR TOKEN is 10,000,000,000 units. In Metagauge DApp, you can mine mobility movement data when the user has reached a certain NFT level.

Metagauge Burning System

For incineration of metagauge projects, the policy is ROD only.
  • Fuel charging
  • NFT PARTS Minting