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03.MetaGauge other systems

An automatic execution and power-off system

MetaGauge D App automatically executes mobility data collection when driving at 15 kilometers per hour and powers off when moving at speed below 10 kilometers per hour. On motional mode, users can manually power on. The app shuts down automatically after movement when even users do not power off manually.

MetaGauge Fuel system

Users can mine RPs through mobility and mobile data at MetaGauge. As fuels get lower when driving in reality, MetaGuage powers become less when users obtain RPs. They can fill up the energies by consuming some RPs mining.
Fuels do not affect ROD mining rates until they get close to 0, but when they become 0, they affect mining rates. An alarm for the fuel status pops out when the power gets lower than 30 percent or becomes 0 percent. Fuel can be charged for free 100% as of 6 AM every Monday.

RP, MP, Token exchange system

Mining RPs ad MPs can be swapped to ROD and MGR tokens one-to-one. Users must have a minimum number of RPs and MPs to exchange each token.

MetaGauge Level System

It means a function to upgrade levels at MetaGauge D App. MetaGauge Levels can determine the maximum mining capacity per day. They are set according to ROD mining amounts, representing experience points within MetaGauge. When A MetaGauge level goes up, users can get boxes of airdrops at a given rate.

Setting a half-life period

A half-life period means that mining amounts have halved in 2 years. Mining rates can vary depending on the capability of NFT Parts. MetaGauge D App levels can determine the maximum number of mining per day.

Rudolph Achievement System

Rudolph has two common traits. Each Rudolph has a capacity without overlapping per tier and does not allow overlap according to the mining amounts.
For example, when a user has one bronze Rudolph and two silver Rudolphs, their extra mining amount equals 4 MGRs, applying one point from a bronze Rudolph and three points from a silver Rudolph. (Two Silver Rudolphs count as one.)
A referral code system allows users to get another referral code when one is consumed.

Coming Soon Metagauge System

  • Referral System by Team
  • Raffle Systems
  • Affiliate Raffle System
  • Ticket Raffle System with Swap Transactions
  • RWP Gift Cone Trading System
  • NFT Soulbound System