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01.Changes in Mobility Data based on GPS Location Information

Experts predict that usage of location-based mobility data can be more diversified in drone cars, pro-environment, modern air travel, and ICT sectors. From getting on and out, Door to door service by driverless cars can be commercialized. GPS data from departure to destination can make your travel safer and more enjoyable by controlling the Internet of things and enabling you to watch entertainment videos.
People would spend more time in the car. Naturally, an enormous amount of daily mobility data would be created, which can evolve into a connection to a reality and a metaverse world by sharing information on the data. Furthermore, the big data incurred by micro-mobility, driverless taxis, and air travel can integrate MaaS (mobility as a service to) transform our lifestyles.
GPS mobility data is an integral part of the data-related industry. MetaGuage has considered applying it to blockchain technology to solve the problem of personal data ownership and privacy issues. Because companies cannot trust unverified data, they still need to pay for handling a tremendous amount of data. It is also difficult to process and own this data.