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04.Ecosystem of MetaGauge

MetaGauge’s ecosystem is operated by ROD, utility tokens, and MGR Dual Tokens, which mean governance tokens.
ROD is 100% minting tokens that users can get RODs by generating location-based mobile data. It also represents a basic unit of MetaGauge’s NFT market. With ROD, you can handle NFTs without the limitations of Gas fees.
Users can mine MGR by accumulating NFT Parts and reaching a certain rarity level. People can also use MGR in the real-life economy of Taas. Membership benefits include exemption from NFT transaction fees depending on the quantity of possession and retention period. A small amount of MGR can be distributed to early contributors to the ecosystem and governance members. They can have a direct impact on the MetaGauge ecosystem.
Besides, users can obtain NFT Parts by completing challenges for visiting places and mission achievement or unboxing acquirement. Adding basic airdrops to MetaGauge’s body can improve mining skills and rarity
Depending on the quantity of possession of MGR and retention period, MetaGauge’s NFT owners are entitled to have governance to purchase land in the Meta-universe at MataGauge based on landmarks worldwide. They can profit by buying various module contents in the market based on their mobile data or lending the data.
MetaGauge will nurture the ecosystem via collaboration with E-commerce by connecting a real-life mobility market (e.g., car accessories, maintenance equipment) and cyberspace. Users can earn extra money through innovative P2P methods such as selling and shipping physical and virtual products and storage.
MetaGauge’s D App will continue to grow as a mobility platform that interacts with users around the world by generating mobile data (including departure, destination, and layover) and sharing them with other users to create a TaaS ecosystem available everywhere.
Users can gain additional MGR by checking where their shipment is located on their way to the destination before they get moving. Peer to Peer delivery matches application users with the data automatically. All of this process is decentralized and operates by itself. The service would become a daily part of our lives, and users can experience innovative Mobility to Earn.